Sustainable energy generation

Solar systems

Despite the removal of the feed in tariffs it’s still a very viable investment to incorporate solar systems into your energy strategy. The technology is getting better and cheaper to buy, production methods get more efficient and with new markets opening up, the demand is continuing to feed a competitive market in supply of PV panels. 

Solar is often the most suitable investment for many businesses as it utilises either space which yields less value (agricultural land etc) or with zero space impact through roof mounted installations. 

Our expertise will help you make the most informed decisions on the right solar strategy for you, and through our flexible funding options and zero investment Power Purchase Agreements we are sure to find a suitable solution for your needs.  

From January 2020, the implementation of a new export tariff (The Smart Export Gurantee) will enable any unused electricity from a solar system to be resold to your energy supplier. The energy suppliers are obligated to provide a tariff for exporting any unused energy from a renewable source.



Solar offers very good value for those with suitable installation locations. It’s return on investment is even more attractive due to decreases in purchase price and increases in their generated energy output.



Low impact, but great returns can be made by maximising value of land use. Makes use of space not currently utilised, so the impact on current business operations is negligible.


 Solar PV will help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Moving away from these methods of energy generation that are damaging our environment will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Funding for solar projects

We offer a comprehensive funding solution through our Power Purchase Agreements. This offers zero outlay for our customers and a structured cost saving strategy compared to current energy costs. We also offer other financing solutions to help minimise your upfront investment.

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