Eliminating upfront costs, and saving you money on your energy consumption

What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

Contract to purchase power from onsite solar

Enables the buyer to source 100% renewable energy

Buyer commits to purchase the output from the generating source

Prices always set below the cost of buying from your energy supplier

Provides security against price increases over a long term fixed period

Provides additional resilience and security of supply

Enables a business to showcase sustainability credentials both to customers, buyers and supply chain stakeholders.




Solar is still offers very good value for those with suitable installation locations. It’s return on investment is still very attractive despite feed-in tariff changes.



Our PPA’s provide a long term financial plan to ensure you gain the benefit of lower energy costs provided from a renewable source. With no cash outlay needed in most cases, you gain all the benefit with no risk, or
capital outlay.


 Solar PV will help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Moving away from these methods of energy generation that are damaging our environment will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

How does it work?

A customer provides the facility for generation, typically solar on their roof or land adjacent to the property

Cell Energy will install and operate the solar system at their cost

All the energy generated is delivered to the customer in real time for consumption

The customer has contracted to purchase the generated output at an agreed price always lower than their current tariff over a fixed term period (typically 20 yrs)

A lease agreement is signed between both parties for the use of the roof/land

A PPA contract for the provision of the generated power is agreed and signed by both parties

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