Taking control of your energy

What is commercial battery storage?

Commercial battery systems are energy storage units that can be charged up from a solar PV system, or via the grid typically during lower cost (off peak) tariff periods such as during the night. This energy can either be utilised on-site, or sold back to the grid during higher demand periods.

Cell Energy offers a full turnkey solution for battery storage to include analysis of the suitability and application for your business, specifying the right solutions right through to installation.

Batteries can be installed as part of a wider energy strategy with solar PV or as a stand-alone project.

What are the benefits battery storage?

Battery storage systems enable your business to have more control over electricity consumption. By integrating with existing electrical connections, there are the following main benefits –

To capture and store solar energy generated on site and then release the stored energy at times of peak tariffs.

To provide additional resilience should the incoming power to the site fail

Generate additional revenue You can also benefit from additional revenue from on-site battery storage, where services are sold back to the grid



The cost of commercial battery systems is more obtainable than ever thanks to lithium-Ion technology advances, and increases in demand and supply.



The battery system provides the control you need to manage your energy consumption and monetise any surplus energy you generate.


 When combined with solar PV, battery storage will help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Moving away from these methods of energy generation that are damaging our environment will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Funding for battery storage?

There has been a drop in battery costs, and increase in the technology within them, making them more affordable without reducing their functionality. We provide turnkey funding solutions for businesses in the form of a lease agreement.

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