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With the current uncertainty and volatility of energy costs, there has never been a better time to invest in solar as a renewable energy source. Whether you are a land owner looking to diversify, or a business owner looking to manage costs while decarbonising, you have found the right partners.


A solar farm provides guaranteed long-term revenue for landowners.  Our detailed scoping and assessment will provide accurate forecasts and scalable plans to suit your objectives.  Revenues are typically calculated per acre, per annum, so you can expect a clear picture of the potential income before you commit to anything. Be part of the green revolution supporting the global drive to net-zero.


High Energy Consumers

As a high energy business user, you will be familiar with the need to decarbonise and reduce costs. Solar offers the perfect opportunity to do both, protecting you from the volatility in the energy market. With the increased output from panels and relatively low installation costs, customers are typically seeing payback in less than 5 years.

Landowners with adjacent high energy consumers

Hosting a solar array on your land with a dedicated connection to an adjacent business, you will gain guaranteed income and your neighbours gain control of costs and carbon output.

Project Financing

We work with several blue-chip investors in renewable technologies across the UK to ensure optimal funding for your project.

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What’s it worth? How we assess the potential

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