We can provide a range of energy solutions, including:

  • Field based solar installations, including dedicated private wire into large scale commercial enterprise.
  • Roof mounted commercial solar
  • Battery Storage

Scoping and Design

We’ll assess your needs and requirements along with key variables (land suitability and grid access) in order to come up with the optimum solution. Having a great site with good access to the grid isn’t always enough to get planning consent. On your initial enquiry, we will conduct a desktop study to identify any potential barriers to a successful outcome.

We evaluate: Environmental SSSI, Access to Highways,
Land quality (It must be graded 3b or lower)


We use our own expertise along with that of our partners in order to prepare the strongest case possible for a successful project. We engage with local stakeholders such as parish councils and local councillors to seek support and to understand and mitigate any concerns. We also consult with members of the public in order to get people’s wishes and concerns in relation to the project.

Stakeholder Engagement

Working with local stakeholders such as land owners, politicians and businesses to understand any concerns and opportunities they have from the outset, allows us to recognise and integrate into project design and delivery. Our company values about openness and transparency so that everyone is clear from the outset. Minimising disruption and maximise opportunities and outcomes. May need some work on this bit.

Community Engagement

It’s essential for any successful project, understanding the needs of local communities, politicians, the impact around such things such as noise, traffic and community benefits. Listening to stakeholders, and incorporating their feedback into our project design and methodologies, is key to becoming a good partner in the community.

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News & Views

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What’s it worth? How we assess the potential

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